A pet dog sitting on a grass

If you are an avid hunter and are looking for a dog to keep you company while you’re hunting then check out this list for great choices.

People have conceived a large number of dog breeds. Some are designed to sit at home with the owner, others guard the house, and others for hunting. Dogs participating in the hunt must possess several qualities. They must be fearless, ferocious to the game, implicitly obedience to their owner,  vigilant, have a sharp nose, sensitive ears, and have good eyesight. Sometimes these dogs require a large size and strength – it all depends on the type of hunting.

Hunting dogs must be quick and smart. They never engage in socializing with other animals. These dogs are raised and trained differently than a home pet. The primary skill of hunting dogs is an unquestioning performance of commands and instructions of the owner. Dogs specially train to pursue game without food and in different climatic conditions for a long time. If you are choosing a puppy for hunting, you should be very careful.

The puppy must undergo special training conducted by a professional.

Golden Retrievers

They are one of the best hunting dog breeds in the world. Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers can be proud of their athletic build and high intelligence. They are always devoted to their owner and very energetic. Retrievers are suitable for hunting birds and soft-bodied animals because of their tender mouth that does not damage the skin of the game.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is also included in the top ten of the best hunting dogs in the world. It is popular due to its very sharp nose. The Basset hunts hares, badgers, and other small animals. Short and powerful legs with hard pads, strong bones, and big heads – all that helps these dogs to be excellent hunters. The Basset Hound has a friendly and often willful character, a disadvantage for a hunting dog.

Blood Hounds

Bloodhounds were used as hunting dogs in the 13th century. Bloodhounds not only track down animals, but in recent times people have started to use them as search-and-rescue dogs to find thieves, missing animals, and people. Even though Bloodhounds are excellent hunters, they have a wonderful quality – friendliness, thanks to which these dogs have become beloved pets. They are very vigilant and can remember the smell of the prey for several days. And yet, the dogs of this breed loves to be in the company of people.


This is an English small breed of hounds used for hunting hare and rabbit. The Beagle possesses great endurance, quick-wittedness, persistence, energy, and courage. This breed of dog has an excellent nose that is the most necessary quality for hunting. In case of danger, they don’t show aggression and only manage with sonorous bark. Beagles get along well not only with the owner but also with children and with other dogs.

American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel is a type of gun dog. They are excellent hunters and are great for hunting in the water. This kind of Spaniel is the best swimmer. These dogs are dive well, are good at fishing, and hunt for waterfowls. The American Water Spaniel is a very loyal dog, smart and friendly. These dogs are as well able to protect their master.