Dogs are running

Alternative therapy for dogs works best as part of a whole-body wellness program designed for your dog’s individual needs.

As dogs and puppies won’t always let us know when they’re in pain, some people assume that canines don’t experience pain whatsoever. However, that’s not the case! Sometimes, you’ll need to look into therapy for dogs.

While traditional medicines can ease discomfort, they are not the only options. The following therapies can help treat pain for dogs. Alternative therapies work best as part of a whole-body wellness program designed for your dog’s individual needs.

Acupuncture And Acupressure

These two treatment modalities are based on the concept of energy flow within the body. Both seek to encourage certain points along the energy meridians that run beneath the skin. Acupuncture involves inserting small needles at these points, whereas acupressure involves using the fingers to apply pressure to the same points. Both of these treatment options can help dogs with pain management and anxiety.


When dogs swim, the water resists their movement, which means a five-minute swim is equivalent to about a five-mile run. Hydrotherapy includes swimming exercise on an underwater treadmill, which is particularly helpful.

It can dramatically affect senior dogs, giving them an enjoyable and painless way to move and exercise. The flexibility of the water supports the dog, reduces pressure on the joints, is a safe form of exercise for those with disease or pain injuries, and helps with freer movement.

Cold Laser Therapy

This therapy is one of the emerging new choices in alternative treatments for aches and pains in dogs and puppies. Low-level cold laser is trouble-free, non-invasive, and only takes minutes to perform.

The way it works is that highly concentrated coherent light waves are directed to the muscles, tissues and organs. The effects are like those provided by non-steroidal medications, but cold laser therapy doesn’t have negative side effects. It is great for disk and spine issues and also reduces inflammation and muscle spasms.

Energy Healing

Energy healing refers to medical treatments in which the practitioner improves energy flow in the dog’s body. These are powerful and gentle therapies during which the healer sends subtle energy through their hands to promote emotional and physical balance within the body. Energy healing works in a non-physical way through the interconnectedness of mind, spirit and the body.

It is the most natural healing form accessible for pets. While traditional medicine believes that treatments for injury or diseases should be strictly biological, energy medicine involves restoring the dog’s health by treating the mind, spirit and body.  The therapy modalities available for dogs include:

  • Qi- Gong
  • Reiki
  • Healing Touch
  • Tellington Touch

Are These Treatments A Good Option?

Certainly, however, the therapies for your dogs and puppies require will depend on their condition and what your veterinarian recommends. The alternatives mentioned earlier are just a few ways you can help manage pain with therapy for dogs.

Chosen and practised properly, these treatment modalities can make a significant difference in your companion’s emotional and physical wellbeing while minimizing or even eliminating the need for medications.