A dog looking above

Finding dogs that work for families doesn’t have to be tricky. Check out these breeds before you get ready to adopt your new friend.

What breed makes the best family dogs? When deciding on a new puppy or a dog for your family, it can be difficult to decide the best. Many breeds make wonderful family dogs, though some are better suited for suburban and farm families than households living in the city.

Some of the best dog breeds for kids are:

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the best because this breed is friendly, patient, and trainable. The breed is extremely versatile, doing everything, including hunting, showing, dock diving, tracking, obedience.


The distinct and wrinkly bulldog makes a wonderful companion to children. These loyal dogs can adapt to most atmospheres: city or country — and are happy to spend time with their families. Their personality is calm, courageous, and friendly; they are dignified but amusing and good with children and other pets. They respond well to training.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers originally came into prominence because of the desire for a medium-sized dog that would do well in wild-fowling, both upland game, and waterfowl. Today, the breed’s versatility, intelligence, and agreeable personality suit it for many purposes. It has become one of the most successful, recognizable, and popular breeds in all areas of competition. Intelligent, friendly, and very devoted. It is also active and energetic and needs daily exercise. Bulldogs are good with children and other pets.


The pug is well described by the phrase “multum in parvo,” which means “a lot of dog in a small space.” He is small but requires no coddling. His great reason for living is to be near his people and to please them. He is comfortable in a small apartment or country home alike, easily adaptable to all situations and families. He is even-tempered, charming, mischievous, and loving. His roguish face soon wiggles its way into the hearts of men, women, and especially children, for whom this dog seems to have a special affinity.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter, recognizable from media such as Big Red, first came into popular notice in the 18th century. It is outgoing, sweet-natured, active, and trainable. The outgoing and trainable dog is great for active families, as the Irish Setter is high-energy and loves spending time outdoors.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a hearty, intelligent, and active companion who is great for families. He thrives on interaction, activity, and mental stimulation. His small size makes him a good apartment dweller as long as you give him a chance to burn off some energy.  It is somewhat active. Griffs are spunky and love to play and to share long, daily walks with their owners.


The Newfoundland has intelligence, loyalty, and sweetness, which are his best-known traits. He is able and willing to help his master perform his necessary tasks at command and has the intelligence to act on his own responsibility when rescue work demands it. Because of these traits, Newfoundland’s make excellent family dogs. They are sweet, patient, devoted, and are famously good companions.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are one of the world’s most popular small-dog breeds, especially among city dwellers. The easygoing and adaptable breed is great for new families and responds well to training. They are playful, smart, adaptable, and completely irresistible.


Collies are legendary for their herding skills. They are strong, loyal, affectionate, responsive, and fast. A collie would be best suited for active families as they are high-energy and love to move around. They are also graceful, devoted, and proud.