Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise running towards his master

We’ve got a list of the top seven dog breeds that are the easiest to handle. They’re perfect for newbies or families with kids.

If you`re thinking of adopting a dog or a pup who easily fits in with your family and creates the least number of problems, it is best to look for easy-going dog breeds that have a proven record of being calm and trainable.

Very much like human beings, different dog breeds have different attitudes. A Border Collie cannot be expected to be a calm, and easy-going pup. Likewise, a bulldog cannot be expected to be playful all the time. Hence, it is best to do your research prior to choosing the sort of dog you want to live with. If you`re someone who finds leisure in laying back, be fair with yourself, as well as with the dog. Choose a dog breed that shares your temperament.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is a powder puff on legs that feels like a walking bundle of cotton. She ranks highest on the “cute” factor. It is playful, cheerful, and an easy-going companion that is excellent at obeying commands.


Known for their sturdiness, strength, and small size, these compact dogs are kind, caring and affectionate in nature. Even though their fierce-looking face tells otherwise. This breed of dog is extremely friendly and lovable and loves to greet people with his enthusiastic hugs and licks.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are friendly to both family and strangers alike. These dogs are about 12 inches tall, and due to their cheerful nature, are the perfect indoor pets for children. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are also adept at learning new commands, making them an “overall” great family dog.


Also known as the “Lassie Dog”, Collies are naturally sheep herding breeds that come in short and long coat varieties. These are smart creatures who easily accept training. They relish calm environments, are affectionate and are known for their loyal and protective nature.

English Toy Spaniel

Having the innate characteristics of Spaniels, the English Toy Spaniel has drop ears, docked tail, a silky long coat, and a pushed-in nose. This breed of dog is commonly known for being a house and an apartment dog, who is good with children and easily adapts to newer environments.

Golden Retriever

One of the most intelligent dogs, the golden retriever is a true family companion and is renowned for her winning personality, and the desire to please. They are simply outstanding when it comes to training and are the most devoted and easy-going breed of dogs due to their obliging nature.

Irish Setter

A treat for the sour eyes, the Irish Setter sports a moderately long coat that comes in tints of mahogany and chestnut red. This breed of dog remains playful throughout its lifetime and is renowned for taking more than average to mature. Although the Irish setter is slow to learn new concepts, it makes up for by being a devoted family pet that loves to play and have fun.