Have you been thinking about getting a lab? Learn all about labradors in our informative article below and get ready for wagging tails.

Labradors are the most loving dogs one can have; these dogs are labeled as the perfect family dog. Labradors are very kind and gentle at heart. They are very loyal and are always looking for ways to please their owners. Yes! Labradors are human pleasers. These dogs will do anything to get approval from their fellow human companion.

Labradors can weigh from 70 – 100lbs and have a heavy bone structure. These dogs can be good company for people who enjoy being on the couch relaxing with their dogs. The labrador can be active and fun-loving but have a softer side to them. It is believed that these dogs are very good at picking up on human emotions and acting to them. If you are thinking of getting a labrador, nothing can match the feeling of having a little puppy, but you will have to be sure if you can provide it with everything it requires to be a well-trained dog.  

Labs are very sociable and outgoing and crave attention. They are also energetic and need plenty of exercises. Daily walks and ample training time are necessary to have a happy and obedient labrador. Labradors also tend to gain weight very quickly. This can cause obesity and lead to other health problems. To prevent this, a routine for your dog’s diet and outdoor activity is essential to raise a healthy dog.

Labs grow very quickly, and your cute little puppy will soon be a large dog. Consider whether a labrador will be able to adapt to your family, especially if you have small children. Young labs are exuberant in showing their affection and could unintentionally hurt small children with their play. Someone needs to look over the dog and children at the beginning of their newfound friendship. Labradors take nearly two years to mature from puppy to dog.

As mentioned before, labrador puppies are notorious for chewing and destroying items. Hopefully, you will be able to train your puppy to avoid most of its potential destructive behavior in a short amount of time. It’s like this: If you have a puppy loose with your expensive shoes lying around, it is a recipe for disaster, so it’s better to train your dog how to react to things around him to get the best out of their behavior. Labs also shed considerably.

Owning a lab will change your life. If you move often or work away from home for an extended period of time, a labrador is not the right choice for you. Consider the lifestyle changes needed to care for your labrador, taking time for training and walks, and including it in your family outings and recreation. It might sound too much, but it is a responsibility on your part. Your dog will be like a family member, and you will have to adjust to him if you are planning to get one.