Train Young Pups

A beautiful pet looking his master

It can be challenging to teach a puppy to obey your commands, but with these tips you’ll have an obedient pooch in no time!

People across the world seem to have an innate love for dogs. They love playing with their dogs while at home, go out for a walk in the evening, and some people even go the extra mile and sleep with their young pups, caressing their finger on the pup’s fluffy head and giving them a sense of love and care. They love their pups more than their friends, considering their best buddies. But they don’t always obey.

It feels great when your pup heeds attentively to your commands and do all that you ask them to and avoid the thing or activities you dislike. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to train your pups from an early age to have a companion that never disobeys your rules and proves to be a loyal companion.

In this article, we will walk you through the essential tips and tricks pertaining to the training of your young pups to obey. Without any further ado, let’s explore and learn the ropes of training the young pups immaculately.

How to Sit

Teaching a pup isn’t very difficult, but at times we want them to obey us. Pup knows the Sit command, but they’re not used to it. You can make them obey your command by saying it with their name, or you can lightly touch the pup’s back or hindquarters as you say Sit.

Where to Poo?

Keep at least one pile of poop in the area where you want your pup to pee and poop. It’s considered an integral part of a young pup’s training. The scent of the poo will attract the dog to come down to the designated area and do their business.

As soon as the pup is done with the job make them leave the area instead of letting them play near the poo.

It takes lots of repetition, treats, and a reasonable amount of time for your young pup to get used to the new routine of obeying.

How to Train Your Pup to Come

Calling your pup is the third most crucial training. Once your pup starts coming to you by calling a specific name, start practicing it in safe outside areas. Practice it by maintaining some distance and start calling the pup by his name to see if they obey. Only call your pup to praise or to play. Otherwise, they’ll be less likely to come next time. When practicing this, always take your pup’s favorite toys with you to play with, and reward your pup when he comes to you. 

In Conclusion

To get the attention of any human being, we call him by his name. The same is the case with the pups. Please give them a proper name and call them with their unique name. They will listen to you every other time and obey.

Have you ever tried to train a young pup? Did they obey? Please let us know your experience in the below comment section.