Teach A Dog By Myself

A dog looking at his master

Learn how to teach your dog by yourself without relying on an expensive dog trainer is invaluable and can help you bond with your pooch.

Dog owners, or dog parents, as they are known in today’s day and age, are aware of the fact that being around a new puppy that they have recently adopted is like being with a toddler. You have to teach them everything.

This is why they need to spend time with the puppy to train them so they can become good members of the family. Training a dog is also important so that it can become familiar with the dos and don’ts of being inside the house.

There are dog trainers who can make good boys out of your furry friends, but why would you pay someone else to teach your dog when you can do it yourself?

An ongoing debate is tied to this question whether you should be training the dog yourself or hiring a professional. However, if you`ve decided to do the bidding yourself, here`s a simple guide that can help you with getting started on training your newly adopted pup.

First Things First

The first concept you should instil in your dog is to pay attention to you. You can teach them how to watch you or look at you. This is the best way to begin interacting with them and for them to pay attention to you.

Just decide on a “cue” and say it clearly to them. Once they react to your cue, offer them a treat. Try this a few more times, and once you have their full attention, begin training.

Most Important Commands to Teach to A Dog

1.      Sit

The most basic thing you can teach your dog is to tell them to sit. It’s easy and will definitely give a boost of confidence to you and your dog.

Hold a treat in front of its nose and move it up and down until his head follows your hand. Once you take your hand down to the floor, it`ll lead the dog to follow by lying down. And that’s when you say ‘sit’ and give them the treat.

2.      Come

The next important instruction to teach your dog is to come when you call them. You may need another set of hands to help you with this to hold onto your dog while you go to another room of your house. Once there, say the word ‘come’ with enthusiasm loud and clear.

The dog will follow your voice and come running to you. Once it does, you could give him a treat for a job well done.

3.      Drop It

Up next is the ‘drop it’ command, which can be used when you want your dog to drop something that they have in their mouth, a shoe or remote control, for example.

Hold your hand in front of them and tug on the object once while repeating the words. The ‘leave it’ command is helpful when you don’t want your dog to pick up something that you have dropped. Say it authoritatively, and when it drops whatever it has picked up, reward the good behaviour with a treat.