A sick dog

Refusal to eat for over 24 hours

If your dog has not eaten for a whole day, it is highly recommended to consult your vet since they might be sick. Your dog might have a dental problem or pain and, in some cases, it can be something more severe it is always better to consult a vet at the first sign of trouble rather than waiting for your dog to feel better. If a dog is losing appetite and getting lethargic it can also be related to heart or kidney disease.

Weight changing rapidly: –

If your dog’s losing weight every 2-3 weeks it’s better to get him completely diagnosed as it is not a good sign for a healthy dog. Sometimes weight can vary if your dog’s routine or diet has been changed but if that’s not the case, we recommend you set up an appointment with your vet at the earliest. A major reason for weight loss in dogs is getting a lack of calories or being sick. To keep your dog healthy your dog will need a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle, try involving your pets in outdoor activities. This is important if you have a big dog reason being that bigger dogs have more energy compared to their smaller counterparts.

Running nose and eyes

If your dog is sneezing and showing signs of flu it can be a sign of a respiratory problem. Signs to look out for are shortness of breath and grasping. If you can see this sign in your dog, it would be better to setup an appointment with a vet immediately since they’re probably sick.


If your dog has constant diarrhea for 24 hours more it is recommended to consult a vet and if possible, provide them with a sample of the stool to check if they are sick. To prevent diarrhea from happening to your dog, provide him with a balanced nutritious diet. An important part to keep your pet healthy is good exercise and walks.


If your dog is constantly itching do look out for sore, lumps and marks on their skin. Your pets’ skin is a good indicator of its general health. Usually, a dog’s skin is pink or black. Look out for these signs. In order to prevent fleas limit your pet’s outdoor time and give them regular brushes and showers.


Can you tell if your dog has depression? The answer to that is yes. Depression still counts as having a sick dog. Your dogs can be depressed, some common signs of depression in dogs are, excessive licking of paws. Check if your dog is licking or chewing its paws. Along with this check if your dog is sleeping more than usual and if there is a loss of appetite. If you have a dog that is depressed, try spending more time with him/her. Engage them in fun tricks and general training. It is also a good idea to let your dog socialize with other dogs.