Losing your pet is always hard. We take a moment to talk about the unconditional love you both shared and how to grieve the loss.

If you had a dog or have a dog nearing the end of his life, it is very hard. In moments like these, you will feel like no one can understand your loss, and maybe they can’t. It is you who shared a special bond with your fur child—that unconditional love. Only you can cherish their memory like no other person. I understand that it’s a painful process, but there is always light at the end of the grief. Here are a few things you can do to feel better in these emotionally hurtful times.

Grief for your dog

Being emotionally hurt and crying is completely normal if you have lost a fur child. It is a traumatizing experience for the person, and it is hard for people around to understand because it is just a dog for them, after all. You can cry your heart out in remembrance of your beloved pet that can make you feel better for some time. It is better to grief and not distract yourself from it because it will keep building up, so it’s better to deal with it. We are humans and have emotions, after all. It’s okay to grieve the loss of that unconditional love.

Write a letter

It might sound funny, but it will make you feel a lot better if you can pin down your feelings and actually write to your dog about how they made you feel and how much you will miss them. Once you have completed writing it, just read it out to someone who can understand what you are going through, this will surely help you feel better, even though our words won’t go to them, but the bond you shared will forever be instilled in that letter.

Maybe there will be days where you might hear something in the kitchen, and you might think it was them, but do understand that this is your brain just missing them too much, and it’s completely fine to have these feelings. Dealing with the loss of a pet and unconditional love is exactly like dealing with a loss of a family member, take your time and heal from this loss. Remember the good memories you made with them.

It is better to heal from your loss and not rush things, but once you believe you are ready, do get another furry baby as soon as possible. Humans like you are angels for these dogs, and once you have felt the love of a dog, it will be tough to cope with the rest of your life alone. I understand your pain. You can give yourself as much time as you want, but you should definitely get another dog once you’re ready and truly ready. Remember your dog loves you, and they do not want to see you in grief for a long period of time. In forming a new bond, you can experience another kind of unconditional love.