Pet Dog

A pet dog with his master

For centuries, individuals all over the world have found emotional and mental support from dogs. If you have a dog, you feel much calmer after seeing your puppy at the end of a very stressful day. It can make you smile.

At some point in their lives, most people have experienced how much comfort a dog can provide them.  

Less Loneliness

It can be quite isolating trying to deal with cognitive impairments or mental illness.  Frequently, individuals dealing with these kinds of problems have difficulty functioning in social settings and public.  They end up isolating themselves.

It has been proven that these dangerous feelings of isolation and loneliness are reduced when an individual has an emotional support dog.  First of all, a dog provides wonderful companionship. Together, you can your dog can make it through the day. It is very comforting to have a well-trained dog in their presence.

Calming Effects

Many individuals who struggle to deal with mental instability complain of panic attacks. It is very easy to panic when you don’t feel you can trust your own brain.

When you have an emotional support dog nearby, it can help counteract the effects of anxiety.  

Physical Benefits

Although there are numerous mental health benefits to having an ESD, there are great physical benefits.  Having a dog can provide individuals struggling with an illness with a reason for getting up and exercising. So whether it is just getting out in the backyard to play or taking a walk around the neighborhood, being active and getting outdoors have positive physical and mental effects.     

Remember that an individual must have a verifiable and documented disability to get an emotional support dog. This determination must be made by a medical professional. Not everyone who has a mental illness will qualify to get an emotional support dog.  

In contrast to an official service animal, having a dog as a pet can provide emotional support. If you want to acquire a new emotional support dog, make sure that you pay close attention to the animal’s temperament.  Search for a dog that demonstrates loyalty, calmness, and intelligence.  It is also imperative to realize your new dog will need care, so make sure you are mentally and physically able to provide your new pet with the attention that it needs.  

Numerous individuals with mental illness have discovered that owning an emotional support dog supports their healing and empowers them.  Whether you decide to adopt a dog or ask for accommodations for your emotional support dog, you can fully benefit from many of the benefits.