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If you haven’t adopted a dog before, the whole process can be terribly overwhelming. We have some tips and tricks for beginners.

If you haven’t adopted a dog before, the whole process can be overwhelming. What kind of food should you feed? What’s needed for taking care of a puppy? What are the best toys?

Owning dogs and puppies will change your life for the better. You shouldn’t be intimidated by all the new stuff to learn. However, if you wish to embark on this journey with the basics in place, let’s first discuss what you need to know.  

Prepare Your Home

Make sure your home is ready for the dog. It’s recommended that you set up a selected “dog zone” where the dog’s toys, crate, and bed are organized and placed. But depending on your home size, you may need to set up some baby gates.

If you’re adopting a dog, you’ll be needing a puppy-proof home to keep them safe. Here are a few things you`ll be needing to do:

  • Stow socks, shoes, and other chewable items inside puppy-proof closets
  • Keep recycling lidded trash cans behind closed doors 
  • Keep electrical cords secured or covered

You should also prepare your family members to welcome the dogs and puppies. Before your dog arrives at your home, make sure everyone in the family is on the same page about consistent training and dog care.

Gather Supplies

With a vast majority of dog products available, knowing where to start can be challenging. From essentials like a collar and leash to fun stuff like toys and treats, it may feel like there are a million choices.

However, the most important dog supplies to invest in are these:

  • Poop bags
  • A collar and leash
  • High-quality dog food
  • A dog bed
  • Water bowls and food

The toys you’ll get will depend on the dogs and puppies. Some play with a tennis ball right away, while others want to chew toys. Certain dogs are extremely treat-motivated and will do anything for a biscuit, while others want only the stinkiest and meatiest treats.

Four golden retriever puppies peek out to persuade people that adopting a dog is a good idea. Four golden retriever puppies peek out to persuade people that adopting a dog is a good idea.

House Training

Loading up on toys and treats is tempting for your new dog, but it’s best to get to know your dog before spending money. Have various types of toys on hand, and as you find out what your dog likes, you can start a collection.

Whether you’ve adopted a dog or brought home a brand-new puppy, you’ll be needing to have a house training plan. Even adult dogs who are already potty-trained need a refresher course in a new environment.

To help you out, here’s a brief crash-course on house-training your dogs and puppies:

  • Always compliment them for getting it right, and never punish them.
  • Choose a cue phrase like “go potty.” But you can have other options!
  • Establish a routine. A consistent feeding routine will lead to a consistent schedule.

In general, dogs can “hold it” one hour for every month of life. Adult dogs last longer but tend to do best with a potty break every three to five hours.

  • Initially, pick a potty spot and take your dog there every time you go outside. This will help them connect the cue to the action and place.

When it comes to adopting a dog and house training them, remember to be patient, You got this!