A puppy with green beans

Dogs have an entirely different digestion system than humans. If they end up eating the wrong foods or vegetables, it can lead to long-term health and medical problems and, in some cases, may cause their death.

Since they are primarily meat-eaters, dogs don’t have any real need for fruits and vegetables to be included in their diet.

Despite that, an occasional piece of fruit or vegetable from your dinner table won’t hurt them. Below is a list of vegetables that you should avoid feeding your dog.


Dogs shouldn’t be fed asparagus. No, it isn’t unsafe for them, but giving it to them to eat doesn’t make any sense either. It’s too tough to be eaten raw by them, and even if you cook it to make it soft for your doggo, it loses all its good vegetable nutrients.


No, dogs shouldn’t be fed mushrooms. Wild mushrooms are toxic for dogs, and if they eat one that’s poisonous, it can kill them. You never know which one could react, so it is best to skip all kinds of fungi.


It would be best if you avoid feeding onions to your dogs. Foods that have onions in them should also be avoided.

Onions belong to the family of plants called Allium, which is poisonous to most pets. If your dog eats onions, it can cause its red blood cells to rupture. This vegetable can lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea and bouts of a stomachache. It is believed that poisoning from onions is most common in Japanese breeds of dogs such as Akitas and Shiba Inus, but generally, all kinds of dogs should stay away from onions.


Chives are another vegetable that dogs should never eat. Like onions, they also belong to the Allium family of toxic and harmful plants for pets and domestic animals. They can cause severe adverse effects on your dog’s health.


Leeks are also a harmful vegetable for dogs. Like onions and chives, they also belong to the Allium family of plants that are dangerous for dogs.


Spinach isn’t harmful but should also be the last vegetable you should be giving your pup to eat. The leafy green has high quantities of oxalic acid, which blocks the body’s ability to absorb calcium and causes kidney damage.

Even though your dog would have to eat a large amount of spinach for all that to happen, it is best if you avoid feeding it to your dog.


It is best to keep your dog away from garlic as well. It is part of the Allium family of plants like onions, chives, and leeks which are harmful for pet animals.

To Sum It Up

Your dog is your best friend and your constant companion. That’s why it is your responsibility to be aware of the things your dog can and cannot eat. Keep it safe by never feeding your dog any of these vegetables, and you wont have to worry about your dog keeping you up at night.